How ForexCopy Works?

Instaforex ForexCopy system allows investors to copy positions of the most successful forex traders. You pick one of ForexCopy’s trader trading system by yourself, trades of which you want to copy, and set a proportions for each of these trades, in according with that, trades will be copied. This service is an unique offer in the financial forex market.
All trades as on ForexCopy trader account(signals supplier), and at the folower’s account are copied and executed within the same broker. That eliminates the differences in quotations between trader and subscriber, and differences in terms of trading (such as; stop level, leverage, spread size, etc..).
There is no need to keep trading platform on your computer opened.

ForexCopy Follower

Forexcopy followerForexCopy system allows follower copying orders opened by successful traders instantly, which you can see in the monitoring. Follower can copy selected currency pair signals of selected trading systems with different ratios of copying. Only you choose when, who, with what amount and what tool to copy. By registering in ForexCopy system provided by InstaForex as a follower, you can also act as a trader and you can copy the trades of other traders.
Risks of losses can be reduced by copying trades of several traders and using a combination of their different strategies based on technical and fundamental analyses.
Followers of the ForexCopy system pay Traders only for profitable deals. Moreover, the profit should exceed a commission paid by the Follower to the Trader for copying orders. The Follower will not pay for losing trades. Such method favours Followers and protects their interests.
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ForexCopy Trader

Instaforex invites traders to register in the system and provide a paid service of copying their trades to Followers. By providing access to the copying, successful Forex Traders receive a commission per every copied trade or a commission per every day of subscription.
ForexCopy Traders have an opportunity to copy deals of other ForexCopy Traders by choosing them in the monitoring list. Linking a group of Traders whose orders are copied in an integrated manner, a Follower may cover possible losses or join a group of other Followers and copy deals of one Trader on a smaller scale.
A Trader may combine different trading methods, technical and fundamental analyses by using an advantage to copy orders of other Traders, analyze their strategies and average the risks.

ForexCopy Comission

forexcopy traderForexCopy trader will receive a commission only in case:
1. ForexCopy trade has earned profit to subscriber;
2. Profit from trade that covers costs of the follower on the commission to pay the trader from account of which this trade was copied.

Depending on a payment option, a Trader receives a commission by the end of the day or after the subscription has been cancelled. A Trader may choose a commission per subscription day and receive a commission every day, or a commission per trade and receive a commission for each profitable trade after his Follower has cancelled the subscription.
Any commission is credited automatically with no additional actions required. Any commission is credited automatically with no additional actions required. Both the Trader and the Follower may monitor a current amount of commission to be paid online.

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